To complete your team profile, first make a copy of this file and name it Example for the correct file name is Open that file and edit it (don’t edit this original TEMPLATE file).

  1. Copy the download file into the /downloads/ directory.

  2. Fill out the above fields: title, filename, filesize, summary, date_posted, status, tags and download_link.

    title: The title of the file you want to display on the publication page. Keep it as short as possible. The ideal length is 3 words.

    filename: Filename of the download file you just added to the /downloads/ directory

    filesize: Filesize of the file

    summary: A short to description to display below the title on publication homepage.

    date_posted: Date of the file upload in the format (YYYY-MM-DD)

    status: ‘active’ if you want to display it on the publication page

    tags: Tags you want to associate with the uploaded file.

    download_link: Link to the file.

  3. Delete all of this instructional text and replace it with a brief description to the download file.

  4. Save and git commit!