Vision for the THDC

A body for agricultural development in the country with the ultimate goal of poverty alleviation with sustainable growth of agriculture production through increased production, and consumption of health promoting fruits and vegetables.

Resource and development

THDC is the national agricultural resource center with development in it's mandate. Many farmers today grow fruits and vegetables using quality seeds and technology dissiminated by the center.

Improving smallholder's fruit and vegetable production and marketing skills can directly benefit women. Women often are responsible for producing and selling fruits and vegetables. Women grow vegetables and fruits in home gardens for family use and for market sale, providing an important source of nutrition and income; they often provide the only cash resource for women to use for the welfare of their families. Women have been crucial on vegetable and fruit production, and have a major role in value-addition after harvest.

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For prosperity and health

THDC conducts demonstration trials, builds networks, and carries out training and promotion activities to raise awareness of the role of fruits and vegetables for improved health.

Fruits and vegetable cultivation can alleviate poverty by creating new jobs and new sources of income for farmers and landless laborers, improve health by providing essential nutrients lacking in diets, enhance learning and working capacities of adults and children through improved diets and health, and improve the sustainability of food production practices by diversifying cropping systems. The Center's development work focuses on producing improved fruit and vegetable lines, and promoting safe production practices.

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Growing with THDC

Farmers are learning improved vegetable and fruit production practices from trainings provided by THDC, to encourage young farmers to take up horticulture as a profession.

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Be open

We promote open source and open data throughout THDC, engaging and informing citizens.

We built on the open source. Because it's open source, we can continue to take advantage of improvement to the operability and security. As we observe its use , we will continue to add new capabilities. Therefore, we do not say it is "complete".

Changing lives every day

We help adopt modern agriculture techniques, engaging and informing citizens.